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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Welcome to the Comfort Zone...

If you can have Welcome to the Pleasure Zone playing in your head as you read that would be fab ta...


Hoo Har...

It's still light outside but I'm in my pjs because I don't need to go out again today.
I'm wearing leg warmers under them because I never left the eighties
I've shut the curtains.
Lit candles.
A fire too because in a bit I'm going to watch a film.
(Under a blanket)
An old film - Probably one I can talk along to.
In the background for the mo there is 80's cheese.
I am sewing
and doing a little light internetting.

I have snacks. 

I'll certainly be in bed by 8.
With a book- which I will read voraciously until my eyes feel like they are bleeding- Despite my intentions of lights out by 10.

Not living is it?
But really!
Please join me on my journey over the next few weeks as I LEAVE MY COMFORT ZONE... Bring your heels.

 *immediately lights more candles,
grabs blanket & book*


  1. Sounds like the perfect evening to me ...

    Love Claire xxx

    1. It is but I do worry that while I'm cosied up with a book life is passing me by outside... XX

  2. Of course it's living!
    Love from Mum

    1. Had to quickly check your blog then. Mum? Really? You've got a blog? Made me chuckle... Thanks for dropping by XXX

  3. I love the 'little light internetting'...
    Have a wonderful evening.

    1. If I'm honest I'm quite an expert at it. Thanks for dropping by XX

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