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Monday, 20 January 2014

Handmade Heart Swap Club.

Hearts are popping out of my eyes at the moment ready for Valentines Day. So much so, I've forgotten to organise a HANDMADE HEART SWAP. 

I usually do this for Valentines Day but this year I'm a little late. Soz

The theme is Handmade Hearts... 
and the first rule of handmade heart swap club.

Let's get as many playing as we can
Spread some handmade love Y


Want to join?
Sign up by commenting below then email me. Make something Heart Themed... Heart shaped...from heart fabric...using heart long as it's handmade anything goes...DO make sure it's something you'd be happy to receive yourself. I'll contact you with your partners email. Contact each other - swap Addresses, send your heart & then stand by the letterbox waiting for yours. 

Heart must be sent BY Valentines Day 14th Feb.
If you can't play nicely don't sign up.
We're swapping A handmade heart themed item. Other nice things can be put in the parcel but you don't have to!

So excited you can think of nothing else?

Sign up here by Commenting -


PLEASE DON"T send your address to me- 
I'll pair you up, send each of you emails 
& you can swap addresses etc.

Sign Up Closes End of Month - January 31st 2014

nB Once again shouldn't need saying, afraid previous swaps show it does- DON'T BE A SWAP $H!t - Swapping involves TRUST. We're all investing money and precious ruddy time on this so don't receive but not send it's not right and almost certainly karma will come and bite you on your naughty Bottom.

Hope to hear from you soon! X


  1. Hello, I'm new to your blog but would love to join in - am off to email you now :)
    Claire x

    1. Hi! Lovely! Looking forward to hearing from you...
      it's NOT just me and you everyone else has just emailed rather than commenting here!
      Lis X

    2. Hiya, just checking that you got my email ok? x

    3. Hi Claire, I haven't sent anything out to anyone yet but have just checked and there isn't a Claire in the email list?! Can you try again please? Thanks X

    4. That's weird, but I've just resent the original email. If you still don't get it let me know and I'll send it from another email address x

    5. No, Have scoured junk box too just in case but not come through... want to try emailing to Thanks XX